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 70 Hunter Application

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PostSubject: 70 Hunter Application   Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:50 pm


How old are you?: 13
Where do you live?: Sweden
How much do you play every week?: My brother and i are sharing computer, and i play football and like to hang out with my friends, and school ofcourse, but i play as much as i can. Some hours each day.

Character name: Zonaria
Class and level: 70 Orc Hunter
Whats your preferred talent build?: 41 20 0 Beast mastery
Are you willing to respec if asked? (mainly within the chosen talent tree) Sure
Heroic keys: Well, i think i got them all, maybe i miss one or so, or just forgot to bought.
Have you been raiding anything before, in that case what have you been raiding?: I've kinda only been doing Karazhan and Grull's Lair. But i've watched my brother do progress in MH/BT. So i know tactics on most bosses.
Armory link,
Are you the original owner of the account? Yes, and will always be.
Are you able to commit yourself to PvE? (full PvE talents, enchants and gems, coming prepared for raids) Well, my spec is best mastery, so it's like both PvP and PvE, but still i do not so much PvPing, mostly if its AV weekend =)

Previous guilds: I havent been in much of raiding guilds, but ; Gameon, The Illimicial ( probaly miss-spelled ) and Disciples Of Honor ( If you wounder why im in Disciples Of Honor at the moment I just joined as " Family and friends ", just for fun, since my brother is in it. xD
Why did you leave them: Because i thought that i didnt get much done from the guilds. When i asked if someone wanted to go something, they just said " Maybe some other day ", and that was the only answer i ever got =P
What can you contribute to the guild?: Probaly help you with raiding, cheer people (lol xD )
Why are you applying to Adult Entertainment?: To start progressing, and mostly have fun.
Do you have any experience from guild management tasks such as raid leading, class leading, officer etc.? Well, i have a guild on my lower level alt, but still its not a big one. But i guess i know a little about guild-leading.
How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? I dont remember what date i started playing, but my playtime is 17 days and 16 hours.

Will you be able to use Ventrilo 3.0?: I think i have downloaded ventrilo 2.6 or something like that, but i'll download 3.0 if needed.
Do you have working microphone?: Yes
Can you raid with us starting at 18:00 server time to about 22:00 (Almost all days): Well, if i havent got any football tranings that night, yes. But the football session is soon over for this year.
Are you able to stay full raids?: Yes, hopefully.

Anything else worth mentioning (professions, rare patterns.)?

Well, i'm kinda not much of a skiller. I have got 375 skinning, but only 220 LW, so i wont need any patterns if it drops during a raid.

Im sorry that i've got some blue parts of my gear, but i've soon gotten 100 BoJ, and then i will buy new gear.
And i have been very unlucky with my latest raidings. 7 drops i wanted from a kara run. I got 1. xD

Bye Bye
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70 Hunter Application
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