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 Fire mage asking acces

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PostSubject: Fire mage asking acces   Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:09 am

How old are you?: 26
Where do you live?: Romania
How much do you play every week?: every day starting 16.30 sv time and when i have free time in weekend

Character name: Merrisa
Class and level: Mage 70
Whats your preferred talent build?:Fire specc
Are you willing to respec if asked? (mainly within the chosen talent tree): sure if needed
Heroic keys: Very Happy all
Have you been raiding anything before, in that case what have you been raiding?:kara(full);
gruul(full); Maggy(full); ZA(full); TK(alar VR solarion); SSC (Hydross; Lurker)
Armory link,
Are you the original owner of the account?: Sure
Are you able to commit yourself to PvE? (full PvE talents, enchants and gems, coming prepared for raids): My tallents and gear is only PVE

Previous guilds: Syndicate, Vicious Delicious, Legends never dies
Why did you leave them: casual raiding; disbanded; never succeded in pulling them togheter after vicious delicious disbanded(no raid)
What can you contribute to the guild?:
Why are you applying to Adult Entertainment?: loking for a healthy/funny raiding guild
Do you have any experience from guild management tasks such as raid leading, class leading, officer etc.? I have been officer in Syndicate
How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? 1 year this month

Will you be able to use Ventrilo 3.0?: sure
Do you have working microphone?: sure
Can you raid with us starting at 18:00 server time to about 22:00 (Almost all days): sure
Are you able to stay full raids?: sure, but not lately then 00.00 sv time in weekdays(work next day)

Anything else worth mentioning (professions, rare patterns.)? 375 skill enchanting (40 spelldmg weapon; 15 spelldmg bracers; soulfrost on weapon); 375 tailoring (spellfire; belt of blasting)
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PostSubject: Re: Fire mage asking acces   Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:59 pm

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Fire mage asking acces
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