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 All you need to know

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PostSubject: All you need to know   Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:55 pm

We are a brand new guild so we are looking for all classes.
Ofc we want you to be a high lvl as posible but if you play alot we donīt realy care.
When it comeīs to your gear it is NP. we are going to try to help each other out.
Keep in mind this will changes.

Once you are in Adult Entertainment you will be given a one month trial period. after that officers and classleaders and GM will make a desition if you are suitable for Adult Entertainment .

Our objectives as a guild are.
1. to enjoy playing and meet new people.
2. to advance in all instances quickly and progress the guild as a whole.
3. to learn new skills from members and learn to play effectively as a raid/guild.
4. to help any guild member with any problem.

Or main guild rules are:
1. to respect every member in the guild and approach an officer/classleader and GM if any problem arises.
2. to be online as much as possible to help advance the guild.
3. once in the guild then u are to stay with the guild. Any found applying to other guilds will be /gkicked as it is obvious you do not wish to stay with us.
4. to enjoy youreself, its a game after all.
5. to never bring the guilds name into disrepute with anyone in public. If u get into a situation just walk away and inform an officer/class leader or GM.
6. to listen to and obey instructions either from ventrillo or raid chat without comment or arguement.
7. to have a good guild spirit and teamworking ability.
8. to play your charactor to the maximum and never faulter when times look bleak.
9. you have to be the only one playing your char. If for some reason someone else WILL be playing your char, inform your classleader, an officer or GM
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All you need to know
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